Denise Dancing School  






This is a very special section of our school & we believe our teens course is the ultimate best.

We offer our “Classical Ballet Appreciation Class” - this is for teenagers & young adults who may have done a little ballet when they were younger or perhaps have always wanted to study ballet but have never had the opportunity prior to this. This is the class for you it offers everything at your level!!

Besides our classical ballet classes we also cater for all aspects of dance & drama including Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Acting & Singing. Just like our ballet classes we offer these styles of dance at different levels of study so whether you're a beginner or a more advanced student now wishing to pursue a career we definitely cater for you.


For the Vocational student we offer all the Major Grades & Levels under the RAD Syllabi (ballet) & ATOD (tap, modern/contemporary,jazz), which also includes our Full Time & Part Time levels of Study.