Denise Dancing School  






These classes are especially designed for our youngest little dancers.


Our youngsters learn so much more than to dance for many of them this is the first time they have been in a group situation therefore our little dancers develop many social skills including listening & following their teacher, co operating & interacting with other littlies. whilst developing co ordination & motor skills etc



Classical Ballet is so much fun for our little dancers.

Children are guided through a program which has been specially devised 
for their young bodies and their ability.. They learn through an enchanting class structure 
of mime and imagination discovering and developing basic skills whilst gaining poise, posture, grace and all the fundamental basics of classical ballet.



This class has always been our most popular class with parents & students alike.
The children just love the variety and fun of the different styles;

Tap - develops like no other dance style rhythm, timing, learning to listen to the music 

Ballet - develops grace, poise, and is enchanting whilst stimulating the imagination
Jazz/Modern - improves suppilty, co ordination, presentation & performance skills


Parents feel this class gives their child an all round dance experience offering our 
littlies an appreciation of all dance styles.


Tots N Tumbles
This class is great for those adventurous little ones. Great class for boys and girls to learn tricks safely & securely in a structured fun class. 

Song & Dance

“Movement to music”

Ideal for children who just love to sing dance & perform. The beginning of musical theatre at its best